Study Sunday Recap

SUNDAY 6/2/2022

Isaiah 6:1-8 

Sometimes we lose sight of how abysmal sin is. We've got a world "living its truth" and justifying every behaviour without checking God's Word for the answer.

Isaiah's response to seeing the very glory of God should get us checking ourselves! He saw one glimpse of the 'Lord, high and exalted, seated on a throne; and the train of His robe filled the temple' as well as the awesome Seraphim crying 'Holy, Holy, Holy.'

Confronted with this, Isaiah recognised he was a 'man of unclean lips' yet God declares the sin from Isaiah atoned for (and that's in Jesus by the way!)

The next part is incredible as God is seeking to 'send' people on His behalf and Isaiah volunteers! The sin that held him back is gone and he's free to serve God.

We see a parallel in Luke 5:1-11  where Simon Peter is confronted with a miracle of Jesus but it's not the miracle itself but the man-God behind it.

Simon Peter goes from (arguably) sarcastic to recognising the power of God. Like Isaiah , he is forgiven by Jesus and declares he (Peter) will be fishers of men.

There's a parallel story here that has a process we can be challenged with today!

1) God shows Himself to be holy (set apart, different, other and high above)

2) Isaiah/Peter see themselves as inferior because of their sin

3) Jesus deals with their sin

4) They are given jobs by God to do

What is getting in the way of serving Jesus? It's sin.

THANKFULLY He has done away with it, BUT have you recognised His holiness and your sinfulness?

Let's see Jesus for who He is, leave our sin in His hands then say 'Here I am Send me' - doing the work He has prepared for us to do.